Designer & Manufacturer of Quality Suits, Overcoats, Outerwear and Tactical Uniforms.











Can I view your products?  
Our products are shown by appointment only, either in our showroom or door to door presentation.


Do you have styles in addition to those displayed on your website?  
Please contact us, and we will provide you with the ones latest updated. The photographs on our website represent only a small sampling of our extensive product line.


How can I order you products? 
Contact with us via email ( or call us at your convenience, Please remember that orders are not accepted until confirmed by our office.


What trade shows do you attend?  
Please inquire us in advance for annual exhibition participate plan.


Where do you sell your products mainly? 
The United States, Aussie and New Zealand, Europe depending on the brand and the customer. If you wish to establish a distributorship for Summa products in your country, please contact us.


How do we develop a uniform program?  
Contact us. Many of our uniform designs in our database are easily adaptable through the use of embroidery or other distinguishing features. 


Other questions, go to "Contact Us" and send us a note please.